Templenewsam and Colton Children's Centre


Templenewsam and Colton Children's Centre
c/o Templenewsam Halton Primary School
Pinfold Lane
LS15 7SY


0113 225 0025


Donna Kilvington: kilvingtond@rklt.co.uk or 07523 909 087

Claire Smith: smithcl@rklt.co.uk or 07523 909 089

Kirsty Thompson: thompsonk@rklt.co.uk or 07716 241 062

Tracey Crann: crannt@rklt.co.uk or 07523 909 091

Amy Hardcastle: hardcastlea@rklt.co.uk

Janice Deane: deanej@rklt.co.uk

We work closely within the local community to offer services and support to families living in Halton, Colton, Austhorpe and Whitkirk areas. We have fun weekly sessions for families with children under 5 years old to attend. We also offer courses to parents/carers for example Infant Massage, Preparation for Birth and Beyond, HENRY, parenting programmes and first aid. On request we can offer families one to one support within their homes.

We have two sites these are Templenewsam and Halton Primary which is our hub site and Colton Primary our link site.